Hello, John, this is the Pacific Ocean calling…

Crabby or not, go fishing

From FB post of July 31, 2019

I hadn’t planned on going fishing today. I went to my 6:30 AM Pilates class and I was just going to putter around the house after that.

Then I got a call:

ME: Hello
CALLER: Is this John Darling?
ME: Yes
CALLER: This is the Pacific Ocean calling, I was wondering where you were today?
ME: I didn’t know the Pacific Ocean had a phone.
P/O: Sure I do, I also have indoor plumbing, solar heating, and other modern things.
ME: Great! What can I do for you?
P/O: You can get your lazy butt out here an fish in my back yard.
ME: Well…let me look at my schedule (knowing it was blank), I guess I COULD be there in about half an hour.
P/O: Okay, see you then. Don’t stand me up or I will send you a tsunami as a reminder.

Well, California avoided  a catastrophe because I went and though I didn’t catch much, I did catch something you don’t often get on a hook. It was a medium-size crab which refused to release my Mackerel bait.

As a reward for being an unusual catch, I tossed it back into the P/O instead of a pot of boiling water.


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