How to Catch a Whale—or Not…

A Skate Ray, often mistaken for Shovel Head Sharks

From FB post of July 28, 2019

I didn’t catch quite as many fish today as I did on my last outing, but the variety was greater and the fish bigger including a Skate Ray which weighed around 20 pounds.  Tomorrow I go to my old haunting grounds, the Goleta Beach Pier where I have caught hundreds of fish including a Bat Ray with a 4-foot wide wingspan.

I did have a heart-attack moment today, though. I had just outfitted and baited my Fishing pole and tossed the hook in the water while I outfitted and baited my Wishing pole. Suddenly, I heard the crack of my line guide hitting the edge of the pier. The 8-foot pole was bent double. I grabbed it and tried to pull back but the line went slack. Reeling in I saw that I had lost everything, hook, line, bait, and sinker. THEN some guy with his phone on video record asked me if I had seen the “whale”. I was about to tell him that what he saw, and what hit my line, was a shark of some sort when another guy ran up yelling about the whale next to the pier. So I guess it was a whale of some sort and had I not secured my pole, it would have been in the somewhere in the deep blue sea ala Moby Dick.

I don’t think I could have landed it anyway.


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