Innovation? Yeah, I can do that!

When I fish on the Ventura Pier, I have two parking options.  One is to pay $10 for a day permit (it is as low as $2 in some other city parks) or park on the other side of Highway 101 and take the pedestrian overpass to the pier.  I, and most other fisherman, choose the second option.  This walk from the parking area to the end of the pier is about 1/2 a mile which is not real long but if you are hauling rods, reels, bait, buckets, chairs, etc., it can seem very long.  Many of the fishermen have carts that they use for the trip. 

I don’t carry as much equipment as these people do, so I keep everything in my bucket.  However, I usually carry more bait of different varieties than they do because my grandpa thought it was good to have an assortment handy and he was right about that.  So, my bucket would get very heavy after a long trek even for someone as fit as I am.

I had to look for a solution to this problem without having to leave some bait at home in the refrigerator.  Since I didn’t want to go the cart route, I searched for bait bags that I could carry over my shoulder.  Finding none specifically for bait, I switched my search to waterproof bags.  That is how I found the arteesol Waterproof Dry Bag.  This bag is recommended for kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, and other aquatic activities.  So, I thought it would be perfect for carrying bait and it could be carried like a back pack.

I opted for the 20-liter bag which only cost $11.99 and it works great.  Not only can I carry more bait, I can carry it not caring if it leaks or not.  The bag is designed to keep water out so it will also keep water in. 

This is a great option for all fisherman regardless of the length of your walk.  I like it for all these reasons but also because I can take it home and hose it down to get rid of the bait smell. 

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