Cold Hands? Here is some help!

Warm skin, for cold hands

When your out fishing on a cold day, making changes to your rig, baiting your hook, casting, or doing any number of other things can be a challenge if your fingers are cold to the bone. If, like me, you have medical condition that makes your hands cold even in the summer, it can be a nightmare.

I have a condition called Raynaud’s phenomenon which causes decreased blood flow to my fingers. My doctor’s tried a number of different medications to help with this problem but none worked as well as the one that I found on my own. While looking for something that would help me keep my fingers, I went to the Raynaud’s Association website and looked at a variety of products. The one I chose to try is one widely used in the NFL. If you ever wondered how some of those men played in freezing temperatures with there arms uncovered, Warm Skin might just be how they do it. There was a report by ESPN on how NFL trainers keep the players warm on cold days and one of the ways is by supplying them with Warm Skin.

I was so impressed, I bought a jar of it and I can tell you that it works. Since I started using it, I have not had any of he sores and discoloration that can be symptoms of this problem.

Warm Skin is not a heat balm like Icy Hot or Salon Spas, it does not warm your skin that way. What is does is create an invisible layer that seals in your natural body temperature. Now before I go out, I apply Warm Skin to my fingers and hands. If it is real cold, I may add light gloves as well, but normally I don’t need them. Warm Skin can be used on any part of your body so I you want to keep your neck warmer, rub some of on there too!

You can buy Warm Skin on Amazon or any of a number of other online retailers.


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