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  • Hold on to your pole!

    From FB post of August 1, 2019 I had an “equable” day fishing today. I caught 6 Mackerel (and 1 Smelt). Two of the Mackerel went back into the Pacific, two went into my bait box, and two went into the bait boxes of people on either side of me who couldn’t understand why I […]

  • Hello, John, this is the Pacific Ocean calling…

    From FB post of July 31, 2019 I hadn’t planned on going fishing today. I went to my 6:30 AM Pilates class and I was just going to putter around the house after that. Then I got a call: ME: Hello CALLER: Is this John Darling? ME: Yes CALLER: This is the Pacific Ocean calling, I […]

  • A Teacher and Provider

    From FB post of July 29, 2019 I was at the fishing pier in Goleta, CA today at sunup (6 AM). It was still dark, very overcast, and a cold wind was blowing but I caught a good-sized Croaker, after only being there for 15 minutes. For the next 1 3/4 hours, I didn’t get […]

  • How to Catch a Whale—or Not…

    From FB post of July 28, 2019 I didn’t catch quite as many fish today as I did on my last outing, but the variety was greater and the fish bigger including a Skate Ray which weighed around 20 pounds.  Tomorrow I go to my old haunting grounds, the Goleta Beach Pier where I have […]

  • From Shore to Pier

    July 23, 2019 FB Post I decided to try my hand at surf fishing today which is something I have not tried too often in the past. After two hours and no fish, I moved to the Ventura Pier where I last fished 10 years ago. I didn’t catch anything with my ocean bottom rig […]

  • Where I Fish

    Although I sometimes go to my local lake, Lake Casitas, and do a little freshwater fishing, most of my efforts are limited to the Pacific Ocean.  I grew up in Arizona where saltwater fishing is not an option so for 20 years I fished in lakes, lagoons, rivers, and streams where there were only a […]