Look mom, I caught a Pigeon!

I took my sister-in-law, Barbara, out to fish in the Pacific Ocean yesterday and since this was her first experience of fishing in the Pacific, I told her that you never know what you are going to catch when you cast your line into the water.  We had a few exciting moments, but overall, it was a pretty routine day with the exception of her catching her first ocean fish.  If she had gone with me today, however, she’d have a better understanding of what I said.

Following is a list of today’s catches.  As I was leaving the pier, a California Fish & Game employee asked if I’d take a survey and even he had a hard time fathoming such a diverse selection of sea life:

  1. Two Smelt, both went back into the ocean
  2. One big Perch, which went to a nearby fisherman
  3. One big Rock Crab which went back into the ocean
  4. One small Sand Crab which went back into the ocean
  5. One small Skate Ray which went back into the ocean
  6. One Pigeon (more on this later)

What is more, there were as many changes in the weather as there were in the sea creatures that I caught.  While this is not too unusual on the Ventura Pier, today outdid most days.  One minute it was sunny with the wind blowing to the west, the next minute it was cold and overcast with the wind blowing to the east.  When I finally left for the day, the wind had dissipated, the ocean was in a dead calm, and the fog was so thick, it felt like a day in June (June Gloom). 

As for the Pigeon, it put up the biggest fight today.  I have “caught” Seagulls and Cormorants who went after my bait, but this was my first Pigeon.  They hang out on the pier all day looking for handouts while flying over it and under it.  Well my Pigeon was flying under the pier when it hit my line.  At first I thought it was just brushing it until I realized that it had caught its wing in my line.  It tried to fly under the pier but my line kept it from doing so.  I opened the bell on my Shakespeare Contender reel to let it, perhaps, settle down on a piling but when it didn’t do that, I tried reeling it in.  After a struggle, my 30 lb test, moss green, Spider Wire went slack.  I figured the bird had worked itself free.  That was until I found a feather entangled in the line.  I guess it can still fly while missing one feather, at least  I hope so.    

Hello, John, this is the Pacific Ocean calling…

Crabby or not, go fishing

From FB post of July 31, 2019

I hadn’t planned on going fishing today. I went to my 6:30 AM Pilates class and I was just going to putter around the house after that.

Then I got a call:

ME: Hello
CALLER: Is this John Darling?
ME: Yes
CALLER: This is the Pacific Ocean calling, I was wondering where you were today?
ME: I didn’t know the Pacific Ocean had a phone.
P/O: Sure I do, I also have indoor plumbing, solar heating, and other modern things.
ME: Great! What can I do for you?
P/O: You can get your lazy butt out here an fish in my back yard.
ME: Well…let me look at my schedule (knowing it was blank), I guess I COULD be there in about half an hour.
P/O: Okay, see you then. Don’t stand me up or I will send you a tsunami as a reminder.

Well, California avoided  a catastrophe because I went and though I didn’t catch much, I did catch something you don’t often get on a hook. It was a medium-size crab which refused to release my Mackerel bait.

As a reward for being an unusual catch, I tossed it back into the P/O instead of a pot of boiling water.