Hold on to your pole!

Mackerel fight fast and furious

From FB post of August 1, 2019

I had an “equable” day fishing today. I caught 6 Mackerel (and 1 Smelt). Two of the Mackerel went back into the Pacific, two went into my bait box, and two went into the bait boxes of people on either side of me who couldn’t understand why I was the only one catching fish even though I told them what they needed to do.

A day catching Mackerels, no matter what size, is a great day for a fisherman. They are almost pure muscle and swim at a speed of 5.5 KM per second. They usually hit your line going full speed so you have to have secured your pole or you could lose it. When I know they are around, my pole never leaves my hands when there is bait in the water.

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